Cross Currents

By Barbara Masterton
26 Maggio, 2012

Cross Currents, by Barbara Masterton : a psychological novel about family drama, love and jealousy.
Julia is an attractive single mother in her early forties who out of apathy accepts to marry a wealthy previous suitor from her schooldays, fitting herself to enjoy a comfortable life with a man she knows she doesn’t love. For years she has jealously kept a deep secret making her family suffer, especially her mother, whom she adores, who dies without knowing the truth, but even someone who was doomed to love Julia in silence.
Jealousy, envy and selfishness are well spread among the family members, poisoning their relationships. Rivalry among sisters is a reality as old as the world, latent but nevertheless still alive, deep-rooted and many-sided.
Inevitably, the moment of truth strikes unexpectedly, and like a stormy wind will disrupt the apparent calm. Nothing will ever be the same, but in that very moment Julia awakens to realize that love and trust are there for her, where she had least expected them to be, and she can finally enjoy life to the full.

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